Taking the Strategic Project Management Challenge

This week I started doing posts summarizing the first two chapters of Terry Schmidt’s book Strategic Project Management Made Simple.    While reading his book, I have decided to take his Project Accelerate Now video course which goes into the material in more depth, and have decided what I call the “Strategic Project Management Challenge,” which is to use the Logical Framework Approach introduced in his book and video course on my next project.

Since I have been chosen as the Chief Project Manager for the project which will put on the Professional Development Day 2014 Event for the Chicagoland chapter of the Project Management Institute, I figured that it is a good place to start.   So I am announcing in this blog that I plan to use the Logical Framework Approach in the initial high-level planning discussions I will have at the kickoff meeting for the project I plan to hold by the end of this month.

So, in eight months, I will be able to sit down and evaluate not only how successful the project was, but to what extent the Logical Framework Approach contributed to that success.   Let the challenge begin!


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