6th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Process 5.1 Plan Scope Management: Tools & Techniques

This post will discuss the tools and techniques involved in the Plan Scope Management Process.   When you have a decision-making process, like you do in most planning processes like this one, the key tools & techniques are going to be

  • expert judgment (these are the people that will help you make decisions)
  • data analysis (these are the techniques that will help you make the decisions)
  • meetings (this is the forum in which you will make the decisions)

This process is like others, and has these three tools & techniques.   Let’s take a look in a little more detail:

5.1.2 Plan Scope Management:  Tools & Techniques  Expert judgment

In particular, those individuals that have experience on previous similar projects should be consulted in creating the scope management plan.  Data analysis

A particular data analysis technique used in this process is alternatives.   There are many requirements that will be discussed; how will they be achieved?   There may be more than one way to achieve a certain requirement, and after brainstorming for alternatives, then the decision becomes which of the alternatives the project will pursue.   That is where alternatives analysis comes in. Meetings

Of course, any decision-making process requires a meeting of the minds because the problem is too big for any one person and their individual perspective to solve.   The people that should be attending, besides the project team of course, are the sponsor and selected stakeholders, and any other individuals who are responsible for scope management processes in the organization.

These are the tools and techniques used in this process; the next post will cover the outputs, the main one of course being the Scope Management Plan.


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  1. I love your blogs, but have some trouble navigating. I can find Plan scope Management: Inputs, Tools and Techniques but not Outputs. Version 6, 5.3.3

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