6th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Process 5.1 Plan Scope Management: Outputs

There are two outputs for this process:   the Scope Management Plan and the Requirements Management Plan.   These plans outline the all the other processes in the scope knowledge area.

5.1.3 Plan Scope Management:  Outputs

This plan shows how the scope will be defined and developed in the Executing process group, and how it will be monitored, controlled and validated in the Monitoring and Controlling process group.

The components of the scope management plan include:

  • The process for preparing a project scope statement, as part of Process 5.3 Define Scope.
  • The process for enabling the creation of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) from the project scope statement, as part of Process 5.4 Create WBS.
  • The process for approving and maintaining the scope baseline, as parts of Process 5.6 Control Scope.
  • The process for formally accepting the completed project deliverables as part of Process 5.5 Validate Scope.

5.1.4 Requirements Management Plan

This plan shows how the project requirements and the product requirements will be analyzed, documented and managed.    This is sometimes called the “Business Analysis Plan” when it is a document created by business analysts.

The components of the requirement plan include:

  • The process of planning requirements activities
  • The process of configuration management, which tracks changes made in the requirements during the course of the project.
  • The process of prioritizing requirements
  • Metrics used in the process of showing successful completion of requirements
  • Traceability of requirements, so that team members can be identified to be responsible for certain requirements, and subject matter experts can be consulted when decisions have to made concerning those requirements.

All of these requirements are part of the Process 5.2 Collect Requirements.

As you can see from reviewing the above, essentially the output of this Process 5.1 are the guidelines of how to do the processes in all of the other Processes 5.2 through 5.6.

Next process is Process 5.2 Collect Requirements:  that is the subject of the next post.



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