6th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Process 8.1 Plan Quality Management: Outputs

The main output of the process 8.1 Plan Quality Management is the Quality Management Plan itself, but there are also updates to the project management plan as a whole and to project documents.   The production of a management plan related to a particular knowledge area and updates to the overall management plan are outputs typical for any planning process, but for quality management, there is a specific output unique to that knowledge area, namely, quality metrics.

Here are the outputs of the Plan Quality Management process.

8.1.3 Plan Quality Management  Quality Management Plan

The quality management plan includes guidelines that help in the conducting of all the other quality management processes, namely 8.2 Manage Quality and 8.3 Control Quality.

These may be included as part of the quality management plan:

  • The quality standards to be used on the project
  • The quality control and quality management activities planned for the project)
  • The quality roles and responsibilities (who will conduct the quality assurance and/or quality control activities)
  • Project deliverables subject to quality control
  • Project processes subject to quality assurance
  • Quality tools to be used on the project
  • Procedures for dealing with non-conformance, such as defect repair and corrective actions, as well as procedures for continuous improvement.  Quality Metrics

A quality metric describes an attribute of the project or product such as number of defects identified per day, errors found per line of code, customer satisfaction scores, etc.  The Control Quality process needs to verify compliance with this quality metric. Project Management Plan Updates

Besides the creation of the quality management plan as an output to this process (see paragraph, there are other components of the project management plan which are updated as a result of this process, including the following:

  • Risk management plan–decisions on the quality management approach may require changes to managing risk on the project, and these changes are recorded in the risk management plan.
  • Scope baseline–the WBS may require the addition of quality management activities as a result of this process, and the WBS dictionary may records quality requirements related to individual activities or entire work packages. Project Documents Updates

  • Lessons learned register–this may be updated with any challenges encountered in the quality planning process
  • Requirements traceability matrix–if quality requirements are specified by this process, they are recorded in the requirements traceability matrix.
  • Risk register–any new risks identified during this process are updated in the risk register.
  • Stakeholder register–updated with new information on existing or new stakeholders with regards to their interest or influence on quality issues related to this project.

That finishes our discussion of process 8.1 Plan Quality Management. The next process is 8.2 Manage Quality, which takes the quality activities specified in the quality management plan and implements them on the project.   The inputs to this process will be discussed in the next post.


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