6th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Process 8.2 Manage Quality: Inputs

The quality management processes that were planned during the process 8.1 Plan Quality Management are implemented during the executing process 8.2 Manage Quality.   There are quality assurance activities which manage the correctness of the process, and quality control activities which manage the correctness of the results.   The process 8.2 Manage Quality process covers quality assurance, whereas quality control comes into play in process 8.3 Control Quality.

Here are the inputs of this process:

8.2.1 Manage Quality:  Inputs  Project Management Plan

The component of the project management plan that is an input for this process is the quality management plan, which is the output of process 8.1 Plan Quality Management.   In the quality management plan, you find a description of:

  • the acceptable level of project and product quality
  • how to ensure this level of quality in the deliverables and processes
  • what to do with nonconforming products, including what corrective actions to implement  Project Documents

The projects documents that may be inputs to this process include the following (these are listed by knowledge area)

Integration Knowledge Area

  • Lessons learned register–if lessons are learned during the process 8.2 Manage Quality which improve the efficiency and effectiveness of managing quality, then the register is updated with these lessons so they can be applied to later phases in the project.

Quality Knowledge Area

  • Quality metrics–created as an output of process 8.1 Plan Quality Management, quality metrics are the basis for testing the deliverables of a project
  • Quality control measurements–an output of process 8.3 Control Quality, quality control measurements, which measure the quality of the results from the project, can be used to evaluate the quality of the processes, particularly those that create quality control measurements.

Risk Knowledge Area

  • Risk report–created as an output of 11.1 Identify Risks, this identifies sources of overall project risk, and can be used to identify those elements of risk exposure which can impact the quality objectives of a project. Organizational Process Assets

Here are the organizational process assets that may be inputs to this process.

  • The organizational quality management system that includes policies, procedures and guidelines which respect to qualitiy (and which should be incorporated into the Qualitiy Management Plan).
  • Quality templates such as check sheets, traceability matrix, test plans and documents that will be used with tools and techniques of this process
  • Lessons learned repository with information on quality assurance activities that were done on previous similar projects

With these inputs, let’s look at the tools and techniques of this process in the next post.





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