6th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Process 9.3 Acquire Resources: Inputs

Okay, now that we have estimated the amount of physical and team resources needed to do the activities on the project, it is time to actually acquire them.

Here are the inputs to process 9.3 Acquire Resources.

9.3.1 Acquire Resources:  Inputs Project Management Plan

The components of the project management plan that are inputs to this process include the following:

  • Resource management plan–the output of process 9.1 Plan Resource Management, it includes guidance on how to acquire team and physical resources for the project.
  • Procurement management plan–if there are procurements from other companies which are used as resources on the project, this plan includes information how procurements will be integrated with other project work and stakeholders involved in procuring resources.
  • Cost baseline–this gives the overall budget for the project activities.  Project Documents

  • Project schedule–the project schedule shows the activities with their planned start and end dates which helps determine when the resources need to be available and accepted.
  • Resources calendars–these document the time periods each resource needed for the project is available for the project.   This schedule depends on having a good understanding of each resource’s availability and schedule constraints (like vacation time).
  • Resource requirements–these identify the types and the quantities of resources that need to be acquired.
  • Stakeholder register–this may give information on the stakeholders’ needs and/or expectations for specific resources to be used on the project. Enterprise Environmental Factors

  • Existing information on organizational resources including availability, competence levels, and prior experience for team resources.
  • Marketplace conditions
  • Organizational structure (affects the negotiations you may need to do in order to acquire resources) Organizational Process Assets

  • Policies, procedures and guidelines for acquiring resource to the project (should be contained in the resource management plan)
  • Historical information and lessons learned repository from previous similar projects

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