6th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Process 9.3 Acquire Resources: Tools and Techniques

This post goes over the tools and techniques for process 9.3 Acquire Resources. Decision Making

The tool used in deciding which resources to use on the project is multicriteria decision analysis, which means creating a list of selection criteria (see sample list on p. 332 of the PMBOK® Guide) to rate or score potential resource, be they internal or external. Interpersonal and Team Skills

The tool used in acquiring resources is negotiation.   The project manager may negotiate with functional managers, project managers of other teams within the organization, or from external organizations and suppliers. Pre-Assignment

One of the overlooked functions of the Project Charter is the opportunity the project sponsor has to pre-assign specific resources that the sponsor would like to see working on specific roles within the project.    This makes the negotiating process easier for the project manager (see paragraph above because the project sponsor is stating preference for certain resources and therefore the request to the functional manager or other project manager has more “clout” than if he or she were just negotiating based on his or her own desire to have a certain resource work on the project. Virtual Teams

In organizations that are spread out in a number of locations, including possibly different countries, virtual teams are an important tool.   However, the reliance on communication technology as opposed to face-to-face meetings means that communication planning becomes increasingly important.    You need to set clear expectations, develop protocols for resolving conflict, understand cultural differences, and share credit in successes.

The next post covers the outputs of this process.


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