6th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Process 9.4 Develop Team: Inputs

In the last process, 9.3 Acquire Resources, the word “resources” covered both the physical resources required to complete the work of the project as well as the human resources, i.e., people, needed to do the work.

I really found it disconcerting to find “human resources” management, as it was described in the 5th Edition of the PMBOK® Guide, to be now referred to as simply “resources” in the 6th Edition.   I hoped this was for sake of efficiency, but was concerned that the elimination of the word “human” was perhaps treating people on the same level as commodities.    Then I realized with this process that people are NOT commodities, because the process of developing a team requires you take people’s interiors–their personalities, as well as their skills–into account.   And that takes a whole set of skills that are different than dealing with the manipulation of objects, which is a lot of what getting a project done entails.   So, even in the 2100, when PMI starts referring to people as “carbon-based production units”, you’ll still need to manage them to get the project done!

Okay, enough of my little mini-rant, and on with the discussion of the inputs for this process!

9.4.1 Develop Team:  Inputs Project Management Plan

  • Resource management plan–the output of process 9.1 Plan Resource Management, this is where the procedures and guidelines are for doing all of the other processes in the resource management knowledge area.   Here are the procedures you need to have in place as inputs to this process of developing the team:
    • Roles and responsibilities–listing the roles, authority levels, responsibilities, and competencies of various members of the project team
    • Project organizational charts–this graphically displays the reporting relationships among project team members
    • Training–training strategies for team members
    • Team development–methods for developing the project team from a collection of individuals into a cohesive group working towards the same objectives Project Documents

These are the project documents that will be inputs for this process and will be updated as a result of the process.

  • Lessons learned register–lessons learned with regard to developing the team will be put in this process for use in later phases of the project in order to improve team performance
  • Project schedule–there will need to be definitions of how and when to provide training to the project team added to the project schedule.
  • Project team assignments–this will identify the team roles and member responsibilities for all members of the project team.
  • Resource calendars–normally used to identify availability of team members during the course of the entire project, this process will also add the times when project team members can participate in team development activities.
  • Team charter–the project sponsor can document any team operating guidelines that describes how the team should operate together. Enterprise Environmental Factors

  • Human resource management policies (based on regulations or laws) Organizational Process Assets

  • Lessons learned repository and historical information from previous similar projects.




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