6th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Process 9.3 Acquire Resources: Outputs

This post covers the outputs for the process 9.3 Acquire Resources.   Remember that in the 6th Edition of the PMBOK® Guide, “resources” now covers two categories:  both physical resources (material, equipment, supplies, locations) and human resources.

9.3.3 Acquire Resources:  Outputs Physical Resource Assignments

Documentation of the physical resource assignments that will be used during the project. Project Team Assignments

Documentation of team assignments which records the project team members and their roles and responsibilities for the project.   Such documentation may include

  • Project team directory
  • Project organization chart Resource Calendar

A resource calendar identifies the times when each specific resource is available, taking into account the normal business hours for the organization as a whole and the specific schedule of each resource (accounting for vacation days, etc.).   In this way, the project manager will know when and for how long identified resources will be available during the project. Change Requests

If the Acquire Resources process results in a change such as an impact on the schedule, the project manager needs to submit a change request which is then handled in the process 4.6 Perform Integrated Change Control.    If there are changes to the Resource Management Plan that are needed, then this will also require a change request. Project Management Plan Updates

  • Resource Management plan–any changes to the resource management plan resulting from this process will cause the plan to be updated.
  • Cost baseline–the acquisition of resources for the project may affect the cost baseline. Project Documents Updates

  • Lessons learned register–the lessons learned register during the process of acquiring resources for the project may be updated to reflect experience which may impact how resources are acquired later in the project.
  • Project schedule–the availability of resources (see Resource Calendar) may affect changes to the timing of some of the activities in the project schedule.
  • Resource breakdown structure–any resources acquired during this process will be recorded in the RBS.
  • Resource requirements–this is updated to reflect resources acquired for the project.
  • Risk register–new risks identified during this process relating to the acquisition of resources are recorded in the risk register and managed using the risk management processes.
  • Stakeholder register–this is updated with information on existing stakeholders that may have been gained as a result of this process. Enterprise Environmental Factor Updates

  • Resource availability within the organization will be affected by their utilization as resources on this project. Organizational Process Assets Updates

  • Documentation related to acquiring, assigning and allocating resources.



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