6th Edition PMBOK® Guide: Process 11.6 Implement Risk Responses: Inputs

Okay, for risk management we are now going from the first five processes, which were in the planning process group, and moving on to the executing process group.   In case of this risk management process, it means when the project has started, actually implementing the risk responses we planned in process 11.5 Plan Risk Responses.

Here are the inputs to this process:

11.6.1  Implement Risk Responses:  Inputs  Project Management Plan

The particular component of the project management plan that is an input is, of course, the risk management plan.   This should list the roles and responsibilities of project team members and other stakeholders who are involved in implementing risk responses.

The risk management plan also specifies the risk thresholds for the project, which define the acceptable target that the implementation of risk responses is supposed to achieve.  Project Documents

  • Lessons learned register–lessons learned during this process of implementing risk responses will be put into the register so that they can be applied in later phases of the project.
  • Risk register–the risk register will contain the agreed-upon risk response strategy for the overall project, as well as for major individual project risks.
  • Risk report–this contains an assessment of the current overall project risk exposure as well as the agreed-upon risk strategy, as well as for major individual project risks.  Organizational Process Assets

The lessons learned repository from similar completed projects can be used to indicate the effectiveness of particular risk responses.

The next post covers the tools and techniques of this process.   As opposed to the specialized tools and techniques of setting up the risk response plan in the previous process, this process is pretty straightforward and uses “generic” tools and techniques used in other processes as well:  expert judgment, interpersonal and team skills, and the Project Management Information System (PMIS) like Microsoft Project.


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