6th Edition PMBOK® Guide: Process 11.6 Implement Risk Responses: Tools and Techniques

The risk responses should have been all planned at this point in the previous process 11.5 Plan Risk Responses.    This process is one of carrying them out in the most efficient and effective manner, and  to validate them once they are done.

As opposed to the planning process which requires some special tools and techniques unique to the process, implementing the risk response just requires what I call “generic” tools and techniques, ones that are used in quite a lot of different processes.

11.6.2  Implement Risk Responses:  Tools and Techniques  Expert Judgment

You should consider expertise from individuals who have specialized knowledge in how to carry out the risk responses in an efficient (doing things right) and effective (doing the right things) manner.   Hopefully you will have already chosen that person as the risk owner.  Interpersonal and Team Skills

Since you cannot as a project manager be everywhere on a project, that is why you assign risk owners to the various risks.   You need to use your influencing skill to encourage risk owners to take the necessary actions needed, and you may need to facilitate the risk process.   This is really no different than the influencing skill you need for people to get the underlying work done on the project for the process 4.3 Direct and Manage Project Work  Project Management Information System (PMIS)

This is the computer software program, like Microsoft Project, used to monitor the schedule, cost and resources on a project.   In the case of this process, it is to ensure that the risk response plans and their associated activities that have been agreed upon are integrated into the project alongside the other activities.

The next post covers the outputs of the process.


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